Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Title The glass slipper that was found.

Once apon a time
there was a women called Cinderella.
She had two mean sisters she had to do everything they said. One day she went to pick the most beautiful rose for her two sisters. When she was picking the rose  she saw something shiheing in the bush. It was a glass slipper. But the glass was broken she put it on. then some think magic happen. when the magic finished she she was at the ball. she was in a rainbow dress the prince come over she danced with  him until midnight, then she ran back home and her glass slipper fall off. The prince was  looking for her in the morning when he found her  they got married and lived happy ever after.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

My opinion writing.

WALT write our opinion. Today we were writing an opinion we had to think and chose if we think it  Is OK To climb trees or its not OK to climb tree.
  Is it OK To climb trees?

I believe it is not OK to climb trees.
It is not OK to climb trees because you might fall.
Trees are very tall and if you fall out of the tree you can get badly hurt.

My next reason is it can ruin the environment.
you might be swinging on a branch and it could fall and it might be an important native tree.

Finally you can climb the tree and it could  fall.
Trees can be very big and sometimes they can be  unstable and can fall on something that is close to the tree.

And that's way  I think you shouldn't be allowed to climb trees.
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my quiz.

WALT make a text to self connection. Next time I might do more quiz's. it was fun and allows hard. 
    1. What is the place they are visiting on the other side of town?
    2. What is a brainstorm?
    3. What is the name of the teacher?
    4. What did miss Marshall ask?
    5. Everybody looks what?
    6. Why does everybody cheers ?
    7. Next week the teacher will pick how much people?
    8. Who's from Samoa?
    9. Over the week they find out more about the what?
    10. koro tu is doing what now?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

splitting numbers.

WALT add by splitting numbers into parts. This video will help you in Maths.I fined the video challenging because I did int  like my voice.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

WALT writing our opinion.

Should kids be allowed a TV in their bedroom?

I think that kids shouldn't be allowed to have a TV in their bedroom.
Kids shouldn't have a TV in their room because they might watch TV late.They might lose track of time and miss lots of working time.
Secondly they might watch TV too much and it might change  their mood.They will get angry at their family for nothing.
Thirdly they might  watch the wrong things.
Because they will be in their by their staff and watch inappropriate programmes. That’s why I think  kids shouldn't be allowed to have a TV in their bedroom.